Joint Declaration zur japanisch-französisch-deutschen KI-Zusammenarbeit

Joint statement of Japanese-French-German col-laboration in Artificial Intelligence

On the occasion of the first Japanese French and German Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, organised by the DWIH Tokyo and the Embassy of France in Japan, the participants from the fields of research, funding organisations, policy and industry express their willingness to intensify their future collaboration in AI research and innovation. The cooperation will be carried out in the spirit of shared ethical values for the common good of our societies. At the centre of this collaboration we put a human-centred approach which will set common standards and a joint understanding of the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

We strongly support the creation and reinforcement of networks of individuals as well as networks of institutions. Based on the respective national strategies of Artificial Intelligence we see the need and the scope for intensified exchange of researchers, ideas and perspectives to face challenges in areas such as human resource development, health care, mobility, environment, connected industries, or disaster risk reduction. The ultimate aim of Artificial Intelligence is to serve people and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for the individual as well as for society as a whole.